The Ties That Bond Us

By Antoine Aluqdah
        “It’s not about building a brotherhood, and it’s not about building a sisterhood. It’s about building a Lincoln family,” said Brandon Harris, the President Pro-Temp for the 2012-2013 academic school year.
          The event “The Ties That Bond Us” was an idea brought to life by Carmelo Thomas, the current Mr. Lincoln University . The concept was that of Mr. Kevan L. Turman, who recently re-joined the university and works in the office of the University’s president, Dr. Robert Jennings.  
       Turman had the idea over seven years ago and saw it become a reality when Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. F. Carl Walton, endorsed “The Ties That Bond Us,” which was originally for men only. He met with Mr. Lincoln Carmelo Thomas and the rest, as they say, is history.
“The reason why I wanted to have this event was because I wanted to bring back the old Lincoln,” said Thomas. “When Lincoln University was first founded as Ashmun Institute for all males, it was required that we wore a shirt and tie every day.
“I wanted to build unity amongst men but as soon as we got the convocation date, we targeted our females also.”
Before the orange and blue bow ties and scarfs were handed out, as a Lincoln family, students, faculty and staff, prayed over them to signify the bond.
“I love how we held hands. People don’t realize the words that were being said. I love the changes being made to Lincoln University,” said junior Monique Barnes, a vocal performance major from Baltimore.
At the event, everyone sung the Alma Mater to embrace the coming age of Lincoln.
“I think people on campus now realize we need positivity not negative thoughts and that we are in this together. If this is the new way of Lincoln then I love where it’s going,” said Jerrica Flint, a senior from Pittsburgh.
At the end of the event, members of the Student Government Association, the Royal Court, and faculty and staff gave the Lincoln University men their bow ties, and the women, scarfs.  To solidify the bond, faculty demonstrated to how to tie their new scarfs and bow ties.
“Let these ties and scarfs represent and signify the bonds between us. I want to thank faculty, staff and the Lincoln students for coming out today,” said President Jennings to end the convocation.

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