A Night of Poetic Rhymes with Lincoln Alum Rienne Scott


By Rickiea Cohen     On March 1, The Humanities Program for the Promoted Arts hosted “A Night at the Ware: Rienne Scott-A One Poet Show.” Scott opened the show full of energy and urged the crowd to interact with her performance. She excited the crowd with jokes, informing them that, she is “Lincoln”, from the swipes in the cafeteria, the nasty food, sneaking in buildings and enjoying Thirsty Thursdays. She missed her school for one reason, the people. Scott explained that Lincoln is the only place where you can personally meet people from District of Columbia, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and many other places.

As she began to recite her poems, the crowd clung on to every word that she said.  Scott spoke of a relationship as she sang Andre 3000 verse from rap group U.G.K.’s “International Player’s Anthem”,

“Keep your heart three stacks, keep your heart, these girls is smart man, these girls is smart,” sang Scott as the crowd rapped the lyrics along with her.

As the show proceeded, Scott kept the crowd entertained with her rhythmic and poetic style. She spit a poem titled, “Dear Future”: “I’ve been loving shadows of your future…love me off the stage, even with together forgotten words, she comes back harder even sharper.”

Scott also performed a heartfelt piece about singer Whitney Houston. She had written some of the piece before Houston died and her sudden death inspired her to finish it.  She expressed it with strength and passion, describing Whitney as “all beautifully bruised in perfect stone.”

In Scott’s closing remarks, she spoke about her time at Lincoln, majoring in English Liberal Arts and taking four semesters of Spanish, as she cracked jokes about wondering why she had to take those classes. She left the crowd in tears from laughter.

Then, on a serious note, informed the students of the importance of learning their history, and that it was indeed needed. She spoke about not knowing her history and how it made her feel. “So their death ears replaced our tongue, because they never wanted to hear what we had to say.”

Overall this one-person show was full of energy, love and passion. Rienne is indeed talented.

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