Feature: Tyreece “CameraMan” Powell

By Schanelle Bouie

Tyreece Powell, a Communications major in his sophomore year at Lincoln University, doesn’t speak much but is blaring his name for all to hear. Powell’s muted demeanor is a result of his quickened step that helps him manage his busy schedule. Most of his friends don’t know that he likes to listen to the piano as well as jazz music. But everyone is familiar with his love for filming.

A typical day for the sophomore from North Philadelphia includes attending classes, working as the basketball manager as well as  recording and editing film.

Although Powell has  been a Lincoln Lion for less than two years, he holds many positions. In addition to being the manager for the men’s basketball team, he is also videographer for the marching band Orange Crush, producer of the Head Lion radio show and director of the PSAs for LU-TV.  He may have a full plate, but he knows that perfect time management doesn’t only apply when producing a television show.

Powell’s advice to other Lincoln students who have aspirations is to “stay creative and work hard every day. Just as integrity is key in print journalism,” the hard-working sophomore said, “Having fun and having relatable material is important in broadcast journalism.”

The rising director, producer, editor and actor is currently producing the television show “It’s Complicated” for LU-TV. The show depicts relationships as they transition from high school to college and the obstacles that long-term relationships face.

The show features Lincoln University students Lynn Shirley, Lacells Hermitt, Dalila Brunetti and Sable Green. The first episode of the show will air within the next two weeks.

In his eyes the most important skill associated with producing a successful television show is good communication skills. Communication is important when working with other people’s schedules, he said.

A token of advice that the ambitious videographer has to offer to aspiring directors, filmmakers and journalists is to get a personal camera. Now equipped with a new Canon EOS Rebel T2i, he plans to shoot a music video for a friend and get his name known all over the Tri-State area.

Powell said, “The best thing about having a TV show is watching your dreams coming to life and showing everyone.”

The feeling associated with successfully completing a project by deadline is what drives him the most. What defines this student videographer from others is that he is clearly willing to put in the hard work and effort to produce something great.

“I don’t stop until everything is finished,” he said.

The constant demand for videos will always keep Powell busy.

6 thoughts on “Feature: Tyreece “CameraMan” Powell

  1. Everyone at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is so proud of you! You have been a talented filmmaker since your freshman year of high school and you continue to shine!!!

    -Katy Friedland, Philadelphia Museum of Art

  2. Wishing you nothing but further success and higher and hight achievements in life! Next stop take California on I would love to see you in Hollywood life soon 🙂

    Hilton Girl

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