Lincoln Rises on Top for the Retool Your School Project

By Ashley Williams

On Feb. 6 the  Home Depot launched the third annual Retool Your School HBCU grant program contest where HBCUs compete for a total of $185,000 in grants for necessary facility and campus upgrades. In addition to this, there will be a Tier II Grant awarded.

Lincoln proposes a major project to restore the exterior and entryway of Lincoln Hall, one of the original buildings of the University. For a minor project, Lincoln proposes to improve the shelving in the marching band room in ensure the safe storage of the instruments. Finally, the school proposes to restore the neglected front porch of Lincoln Hall for Campus Pride.

The $185,000 grant will be divided into three portions; one $50,000 Tier I Grant, eleven $10,000 Tier II Grants, and one $25,000 Campus Pride Grant which is for the school project proposal that gets the most online votes.

Just last week, Lincoln was ranked number 31 out of all 66 schools. This past weekend, Lincoln was ranked all the way up at number 2 with 7,754 votes.

Yesterday, Lincoln was briefly at number one with about 11,100 votes, 100 more than A&M, but quickly moved back down to number two.

Online voting began on Feb. 7 and will continue until April 10 where voters will be able to view descriptions of the HBCU projects and can submit one vote per day.

“The Home Depot’s purpose is to award grants for projects that will have a lasting impact and to provide sustainable, lasting renovations that will give new life to HBCU campuses,” said Tamara Young of UniWorld Group.

Students, alumni, and faculty are encouraging everyone in their reach to vote for Lincoln as often as possible and to pass the word as well.

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