Winter Fashion 101

By: Cerella Ferebee  

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On a regular class day, students use clothes to portray bold self expressions. This makes it easy for many to infer that Fashion is very important on Lincoln University’s campus, especially among the ladies.

Recently Marie Claire named several winter fashion must haves of the season. The oversized beret, camel tone trench coats, sweater jackets, and animal print scarves were among the items listed. But what are some accessories that our fashionable Lincoln women call ‘must haves’ this season?

Miss Orange and Blue, Mercedes Lee, said her favorite would be the cardigan and “Bill Cosby” sweater.

“I just love seeing them in the winter. I call them Cosby sweaters because that’s who they remind me of,” said Lee.

The fishermen’s sweater that was popular during the 2011 fall season is somewhat different from the Cosby sweater as far as color and patterns.

The oversized beret is another popular choice on campus along with the newsboy cap.

“Honestly my hats, gloves, scarf and boots are the most valuable items to keep me warm,” said Kelly Thibeau, senior.

The motorcycle jacket and boots where a popular match in the fall season, but Marie Claire suggests that 70’s leather is in for the winter season.

Jeans will always remain in style no matter what season, but heavy denim seems more appropriate for harsh cold weather. Skinny jeans can be purchased from any store but now flared jeans are making a comeback.

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