SGA Addresses Student Concerns During Student Body Meeting

By: Cerella Ferebee Yesterday, the Student Government Association, SGA, held their first student body meeting of the semester.
SGA President Tokunbo Ashorobi called the meeting to clear the lines of communication between the bursar’s office and the students in regards to the zero tolerance policy and to discuss the changes to commencement 2012.
Monday, a letter was sent out to via email to all university students from President Jennings with a decision to separate commencement and Founders day, against Lincoln’s current tradition. This caused the commencement exercise to change from May 6th 2012, to May 4th, 2012.
Graduating students, parents, and alumni from Lincoln University voiced concerns with the change because many people have already prepared traveling arrangements surrounding around the previous date.
Ashorobi announced in the meeting that after contacting members from the Board of Trustees, Jennings willingly changed commencement back to its original date, May 6 2012.
Emails were sent to confirm the decision to student emails today.
Students also raised concerns about the new balance policy, in which SGA addressed during the meeting.
Interim Vice President of Fiscal Affairs, James Lewis and Bursar Warren Johnson spoke to students about the Universities new economic changes.
Johnson confirmed during the meeting, that starting in the summer students must have an account balance of 0 in order to register for courses.
“Next fall you can’t register with funds greater than $2,500,” said Johnson
Both Lewis and Johnson notified students that if agreements and payment plans were established with the Bursar, then only these students were exempt and could work on decreasing their debt while still registering for classes.

In a second attempt to increase education funding for Lincoln University, SGA President Pro Tempore Brandon Harris announced that another ‘Rally for Higher Education’ will be taking place on January 31 to the Harrisburg Capitol, toward the close of the meeting.
Signup sheets will be available on Wednesday in the cafeteria at 4:30pm.

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