New Zero Tolerance Policy Affects Students

By: Alston Johnson Student enrollment has taken a significant decrease as students were asked to pay their outstanding debts to the university this past week following an announcement of a zero tolerance policy made by new Lincoln University president, Robert Jennings.

Meetings with students were held on two separate days males met with him on Wednesday January 18th and females on the 19th in the International Cultural Center.

During the meetings Jennings addressed several changes that the university and its students will soon face. Among those changes was a zero tolerance policy for students set to be enforced August 2012.

The policy would require that students have a balance of zero dollars in order to register for classes, which conflicts with the current policy of students being able to register with a balance of 5,000 dollars or less.

Currently, many students have been required to arrange payment plans with the University that will help to eliminate their debt from previous years. In the event that payment plans were not arranged for students with outstanding back balances this semester, many students were asked to leave.

As the payment plans took effect, many students expressed their disagreement, some feeling that the policy is unfair.

“This will cause them to lose a number of students, it was hard enough trying to get down to a balance of $2500,” Senior Artesia McPhail said. Everyone doesn’t know every students story, so why falter and break someone’s education.”

However, not all students are completely outraged and feel that this policy may teach students a sense of responsibility or give them some motivation to look for more financial assistance.

“It’s good because it forces students to not be lazy and to get out there and look for scholarships and extra help. It’s bad because some students really want to be at Lincoln, but cannot afford it and lose the opportunity to further their education,” senior Danielle Williams said.

However, William feels it could leave room for error with the students that have scholarships that are coming in and that may come later in the semester.

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