New Provost Celebrates the Legacy of Dr. King

By: Cerella Ferebee

Yesterday, students and faculty gathered in the Mary Dod Memorial Chapel to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.

The keynote speaker was new Provost Dr. Thelma B. Thompson whose address emphasized the need for people of this nation to honor the legacy of Dr. King by serving the community.

“His family would have wanted his birthday to be a day on instead of a day off,” Thompson said during the address.

Thompson did mention the importance of our people as it pertains to African Americans should ensure that our community is continuing to thrive.

Thompson quoted King when he said that the black community must build dykes in order to protect our communities.

“Today we must learn to build levees in order to protect the youth and our families. We must have courage to protect our territory and teach our youth, “Thompson said.

It would be far from a longshot to say that students and faculty were intrigued and took something away from the service.

Marion Simmons stated that “Thompson discussed how we can still continue the legacy of Dr. King; you don’t have to be the dreamer to dream.”

Among the faculty in attendance was Dr. F Carl Walton, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs, who believes that student need to know the story behind Dr. King’s life.

“This provides students a way to learn more about the legacy of Dr. King, for those who weren’t in attendance, they have missed out on intellectual growth,” said Walton.

Lance Wilson, junior, reflected upon the chapel service

“Today’s service amplified   the message of Dr. King. Culture has diminished over time but if people realize the time and energy of Dr. King people would appreciate the holiday and the man behind the dream,” said Wilson.

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