Annual International Food Festival Compels Student Attendance

By Ashley Broadbelt–Students packed in the Lincoln University’s faculty dining room to feast on international cuisine. The food festival was held on Thursday evening and was hosted by the Foreign Language Department. 

The festival has been very popular amongst Lincoln students, ever since the very first Food Festival about 12 years ago.  Dr. Abbes Maazaoui said that the food festival always brought out a large population of students.

Students feasted on food from, Spain, Japan, France, and China. The food was prepared with the help of members of the language clubs and the Teaching Assistants.

Sophomore Tivona McIntyre, who attended the festival, last year said “(the Food) is really good. The crepes are really good (and) the enchilada and the paella.” 

Sophomore Elizabeth Richburg had never eaten the food at the festival before. “I like it… I tried some interesting food,” Richburg added that she fond of one of the dessert dishes.

Students were able to pick up recipes of the dishes that they liked.

 By the end of the evening, some of the popular dishes, such as okonomiyaki, prepared by the Japanese club; the quesadillas and paella prepared by the Spanish Club were gone.


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