Women’s Leadership Council Host Women of the Year Celebration

Plummer(black and white) and Freeman(pink) pose with other members of the Women's Leadership Council

By Cerella Ferebee “A high tea affair,” which was the theme for the annual Women of the year awards, was hosted in the Mary Dod Memorial Chapel at 5p.m. on Friday.

Friends and family talked among each other before the event started in the sanctuary. Refreshments followed  after the ceremony

 The honorees who received awards were first year student Alana Freeman, sophomore, Shakeerah Plummer, and senior Regan Farley.

Plummer burst into tears when she received her woman of the year plaque.

“Words can’t express the way I feel. I feel honored,” said Plummer.”I will continue my mentorship in Ashmun.”

Plummer is the President of Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President of the National Council for Negro Women and a member of the education club.

Freeman is the 2014 class President, Vice President of Big Sister Little Sister, senator for the National Council of Negro Women and Executive Assistant of Student Life and Development.

Farley who was last to receive her award called out the names of her close friends and classmates who she thought were strong leaders. Farley is the Vice President of External Affairs, Editor of the Lincolnian, and a member of STARS and the National Council of Negro Women. 

The celebration included inspirational guest speakers.

Deeawn Roundtree, a motivational speaker, life coach and consultant, spoke about what it takes to become a leader.

“You must know yourself because you can’t inspire others if you don’t know yourself first,” she said.

Roundtree said you can control the way others treat you by the way you look and dress. She also touched on how image plays a role on how others judge you and she gave advice on self confidence, self esteem and self image.

A gospel selection titled “Can’t give up now” was performed by Danielle Williams, junior.  The song signified that as a leader you must realize how far you’ve come and not give up.

Guest speaker, Shelah Harper, a Lincoln Alumna from the class of 1976, discussed how leadership involves building integrity and becoming a person of your word.  

“When you see something that needs to be changed, take the initiative and change it. Leadership is about having a vision; writing is a key point. Write your plan,” said Harper. “I feel humbled to talk to my little sisters about leadership.”

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