Homecoming Guest Big Sean and Wale Perform at Annual Concert

By Nandi Marshall The stage in the Manuel Rivero Hall Gymnasium became engulfed with shades of blue, purple, and orange light as the 2011 Homecoming Concert kicked off at 10p.m.

Students rushed to the barricades to see their fellow classmates hit the stage for “The Number 1 Spot,” a completion which gave students the opportunity to showcase their talents.

 Five groups performed in hopes of winning a first place prize of $500, second place prize of $300, and third place prize of $200.

In the end Mack walked away with the grand prize of $500.

Mack said, “It feels really good. I work very hard to get my message out to the young people and now I know my work is not in vain.”

Screams of excitement echoed throughout the gym as headlining performers Big Sean and Wale were arriving to Lincoln. 

Students begun to sing and dance along with the music played by DJ Nix in the mix as they got ready for the artist to perform.  

Junior, Taakira Burnett said, “It was such a great show. I have not experienced a homecoming like this since my freshman year.” 

First up to perform was Big Sean who sang popular hits like “My Last” that had the crowd going insane.

“It’s always good to see the crowd’s reaction. The ladies showed me love and the players did too. I love Lincoln,” said Big Sean.

Wale also kept the party going with his club bangers like “No Hands” and “Bait”.

D.C. native, Lindsey Douglas said, “I am a big fan of Wale. It’s good to see someone from my hometown doing so well. It makes me proud.”

Wale’s debut album “Ambition” is expected to hit stores on Nov. 1, 2011.

 After this homecoming, LU Students are curious to know who will perform next year.

Calistra Daniel said, “It is going to be hard to top the 2011 show. SGA has set the standards high. Hopefully, the next batch of candidates can keep up.”

One thought on “Homecoming Guest Big Sean and Wale Perform at Annual Concert

  1. Congratulations Mack! You are right, I definitely think it’s going to be difficult to top this performance.

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