Student Life and Development offers Aqua Massages

 By Alicia Brown On Monday, Lincoln University’s Office of Student Life & Development hosted a  Mid-term Aqua Massage session, to offer both students and faculty alike time to unwind during the stress of mid-terms.

The Aqua Massages tables were located in the Sub Atrium from 2-6 .p.m., due to the fact that the buildings power circuits could not hold all the machines.

 “I was walking by when I decided I wanted to stop by. I have seen the Aqua massager’s before I even attended Lincoln, now I want to try it” said Jeanette Spann-Hodges, Freshman.

The Aqua Massage Company brought four full body machines, Five feet, two back, and one neck massager machines to assist the students and faculty of Lincoln.

The wait to receive a massage was within 20-25 minutes, the full body machines would last for four minutes each.

“This is my first time partaking in the Aqua massage, I’m a virgin, I need it because my back hurts, this is awesome this helps relives stress, I don’t mind waiting in line for this,” said Shalisa Bethea, Senior.

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