Mary Dod Memorial Chapel Host Gospel Explosion

By Alston Johnson Students, Alumni and even faculty rushed into Mary Dod Brown Memorial Chapel on Sunday October 9th, 2011 for the annual Homecoming Gospel Concert.

 The night began with a performance from the first guest of the evening by the name of A. Jermaine and Ascension.

 Students stood to their feet during the performance, clapping and shouting as they sang along to the songs.

 I really enjoyed this group, the lead singer is very talented and blessed with a beautiful voice that really touched my heart, its amazing to see how the performance brought students together” said Lincoln Alumni Amanda McCray, who is also a former member of the Lincoln University Gospel Choir.

 The Lincoln University Drama ministry performed a powerful piece that really touched a lot of the members of the audience.

 The performance was based on a person whose gotten turned away from God due to the many circumstances that they have faced in life.  

 “Looking around the chapel as the performance was going on you could see how touched and connected everyone was by the performance, what made it even more powerful was there was no words involved but you still received a powerful message” said senior Kameron Gibbs.

 Following the drama ministry was an equally powerful performance from the praise dance team Joy Unlimited. They danced to “My Life, My Love, My All” by Kirk Franklin. They danced with a very powerful emotion that brought tears throughout the audience and  received a standing ovation at the end of their performance.

 The Lincoln University Gospel Choir performed, as well as Lincoln Universities own Mrs. Michelle Hill. Both performance got students actively participating. During Hill’s performance students were even seen “swag surfing” in the audience to one of her songs.

 “I really enjoyed Mrs. Hill’s performance, she got the audience involved, which I think is a important part of any performance, she even got the section where I was sitting to start swag surfing,” said Lincoln Alum Syesa Middleton.

  The final performance of the night was from the gospel choir they performed “Gratefulness”.

“The concert was an uplifting experience that broke chains, destroyed depressions and healed hearts,” said senior Danielle Williams.

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