Learning Resource Center Draws Low Attendance For Midterms

By Michelle Fletcher

 Two days into midterm week and students are scattering into the Learning Resource Center, also referred to as the LRC

“It’s usually packed this time of year,” stated Gwendolyn Stevens, a peer tutor. “I’m not sure what’s going on this semester.”

  Peer tutoring officially began last Monday in the LRC but peer tutors say students have been slow to show.  The LRC reports only five students in attendance yesterday, the first day of midterms.

 “We have so much to offer students.  It’s a shame they don’t take advantage of it,” said Sinclair Mensah, another peer tutor.  Mensah stated that in his two years of tutoring, this is the lowest he’s ever seen attendance.

  The LRC provides professional tutoring in math, writing and reading during the day.

 During the hours from 5 to 9 p.m., students can get help from their peers, in anything from managerial accounting to institutional racism. 

Peer tutors are required to receive at least a B in a subject in order to tutor it.  They also receive training to be certified by the College Reading & Learning Association.

“We’ve definitely got students with the expertise and training.  I just hope more people come out,” said Stevens.

 But the director, Patricia Fullmer, Ph.D. stated that poor attendance could be for a number of reasons. Midterms arrived rather early this semester and some peer students believed that because homecoming ended on Sunday, student attendance would be lower.

 “It’s hard to get out of party mode into the swing of studying and exams,” said Tyshauna Clark, senior.

  Clark, a student worker in the newly renovated library, stated that the opening of the library  is another reason why students have been in low attendance in the LRC.

 “Everybody’s so excited about the library finally opening, people are actually using it.  There are more students coming out than I expected,” said Clark.

   Peer tutors also say the fact that they began just one week before midterms also plays a part.

  “Normally we’re in here right after Labor Day,” said Stevens but the LRC reports that peer tutors began late this semester due to an unsecure budget.  Students must be academically cleared and then set up with a financial contract with the offices of Student Employment and Institutional Research.

  “We got in here a little later than we hoped but we’re here now.  I hope things will pick up as the week progresses,” said Stevens.

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