2011 Homecoming Step Show

By Alyson Robinson White-faced zombies rose from the stage announcing the arrival of the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. step team to the stage at Lincoln University’s National Pan Hellenic Step Show on Friday.

The Iotas theme for the step show was based on the movie “dead man walking” a routine, which gave them points to defeat the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity who came in second.

“I feel a sense of accomplishment because we really worked hard and I felt like we really deserved it. Everybody else put in hard work but we deserved it,” said Tuapeua Movenjono, a new member of the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity step team.

Senior and member of the Iota Phi Theta, Inc., Kadeem Fulmore also agreed with his fraternity brother.

“I’m graduating this year so I’m more so happy to fulfill the expectations of my brothers and myself. The sacrifices we made all worked out in the end,” said Fulmore.

Swing Phi Swing took the crown for first place in the sorority category. The win came as a surprise to onlookers as well as the members of Swing Phi Swing.

“We’ve been practicing since September but it was really a surprise. Our hard work paid off,” said Jessica Jean, a member of the Swing Phi Sing Social fellowship step team.

Members of the audience also reiterated this notion. Valerie Haynes, a freshman said she thought the Deltas would win.

“They [the Deltas] did a performance at our freshman orientation and I thought they stepped with the most pride,” said Haynes.

Many were however happy with the outcome of the show and thought it was a huge success.

“I think the Iotas did a very good job and it was shown throughout their entire performance,” said Gwendolyn Stephens, a 20 year old senior.

Mr. Shawn Moore, Coordinator of Student Activities was also very happy with the production.

“I think the whole production went pretty smoothly. I have coordinated productions before, so I just integrated the components from other shows to make this show a success.”

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