I-Spit Host Homecoming Poetry Slam

By Michelle Fletcher A gold mine of musical, lyrical and socially conscious talent was unleashed, and Tuesday night, it happened at Lincoln University’s Lift Off Poetry Slam        

Students filled the International Cultural Center(ICC),early to secure front row seats to hear deep metaphors and flamboyant rhymes.  But for some, it was a cultural experience.

Poets took the stage under a lonely spot light.  Piano strokes sounded awkward notes and a repetitious soft cymbal rang as in John Coltrane’s In a Sentimental Mood. Artists sang neo-soul melodies that were familiar to the tunes of Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. 

            The almost four hour show featured poems about childhood, escape, identity and a timeless classic, love.  From bitter ex-lovers to hopeless romantics, they all took the stage with verses that buried sexual undertones while others let their hedonistic images lay on top.

I-Spit, an outlet for creative writers, says that the event and others like it are opportunities to showcase Lincoln’s hidden treasures.

            “Believe it or not, there aren’t too many SGA members or glorified title holders.  The students that come to I-Spit go to class and probably go unnoticed every day.  Here, they bring raw energy,” said Shanay Scott, performer.  “That’s what made last night a success.”

            Although, poetry was the theme of the night, it came in so many different forms.  From songs, comedy, and for others, their personal testimony.  As each poet passionately delivered their piece, a simulated Cotton Club from the 1920’s or Def Jam Poetry of the 90s was created. 

            “The ambiance was so cool.  I felt like I had a blast from the past.  It was nice to be an atmosphere that engages your mind,” said Sabrina Smalls, junior.  “I think Langston Hughes would be proud.”

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