Homecoming Alumni Meet and Greet

By Regan Farley October marks the start of concerts, football games, meeting alumni, and you guessed it, Homecoming. Each year more than a handful of alumni return to their alma mater to display their school spirit, and even meet student who currently attend.

During homecoming this year the Office of Alumni Relations along with the Student Government Association wanted to bridge the gap between students and alumni of the university.

“We believe that if students don’t have one working relationship with an alumnus that doesn’t currently work at Lincoln University then that can be seen as a problem,” said Brandon Harris, Student Government Association President-Pro Temp.

Over 45 currently Lincoln University students showed up armed with resumes and business cards in hand.

But students were left displeased with the low level of participation from the alumni during the events Friday session.

“When the alumni arrived, they showed up late and there were only a few of them,” said Sophomore, Alana Freeman.

“We were expecting a large turnout from alumni but being as though the event took place a little after 5p.m. on a Friday alumni may have just being getting off work,” said Teresa Braswell, Director of Alumni Relations.

Friday during homecoming is usually when alumni start to arrive but it is Saturday during the daytime that alumni are settled in the hotels and roaming campus.

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