Step Show Tonight!

 By Alyson Robinson

On nights leading up to the Pan-Hellenic Homecoming Step Show, booming, rhythmic steps can be heard echoing through the walls in the Ivory Nelson Center for the Sciences Building from the Iota Phi Theta, Inc. step team.

These sounds can be heard in Dickey Hall and the Apartment Style Living building on campus as the organizations prepare for the highly anticipated, annual Pan-Hellenic homecoming step show and after party.

Freshmen and upperclassmen are expecting the show to be spectacular steps based on reports of the excitement from previous attendees.

“I have a lot of enthusiasm since there’s a lot of freshmen that may be interested in fraternities and sororities. As upperclassmen it’s up to them to leave us wanting more and there should be no mistake that LU goes the hardest,” said Jamal Jackson, a freshman from Philadelphia.

Students also have their favorite teams who they expect to be victorious.

“I think the Sigmas are going to win,” said Bobby Jones, a 21-year-old student from Harrisburg.

Malcolm Richardson disagreed with that statement. “Tau Beta Sigma’s going to win,” said the junior from New Jersey.

Step teams are preparing to defeat their rivals by having practices as long as five hours a day, up to seven days a week.

“We do conditioning that is running, stepping and the two mile loop around the whole campus,” said Iota, Maurice Brown, 22.

Most teams agree that their practices do not affect their academics. They attribute the fact that they’re keeping up to their good time management skills.

“It doesn’t affect us at all. It’s all about dedication you know,” said Brittnay Panton, a 21 year old member of Sigma Gamma Rho.

            Vincent Thomas, a 22 year old Sigma said, “Its all about time management, you can fit anything you want into your schedule if you really want to.”

            Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Delta Delta Chapter have said they will not be stepping in the show on Friday, however, Zeta Elite will be representing them.

            “Its better for someone else to step for us. My only advice is for everybody to go out there and have fun. Practices will pay off. If its not fun, it will be the worst time of your life,” said Zeta Ruby Cockett. The 23 year old went on to say, “We’re having Zetas stepping, just not our chapter, so we want the Zetas to win and also our brothers, the Sigmas.”

The event will be held in the main gym this Friday at 8 p.m. It costs $15 for students with ID, $20 for off campus persons and $10 for people with Greek paraphernalia.

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