I-SPIT Brings the Heat

By Alicia A Brown

Over the last week, Lincoln University has been treated to some heated topics in The Lift Off Poetry Slam and I-Stroke, performed by I-SPIT.

I-SPIT, which stands for The Infinite Supply of Passionate and Intense Talent, held their homecoming show “Lift Off Poetry Slam” in the ICC- International Cultural Center Oct. 4.

The show was the groups first time performing during homecoming. The poetry organization has made their mark on Lincoln University campus since 2008. The purpose of their organization is to further the talents of the school’s aspiring spoken word artist.

“I embrace the soul of a person’s talent” said G. Anderson, a member of I-SPIT.

Guest poets from different areas such in Pennsylvania and New Jersey joined Lincoln Universities’ poets during the “Lift Off” concert.

Intelligence, beauty, and humor all became a part of the ambiance of the ICC stage.

“The event was beautiful and full of talent. They opened my mind and ears, even my heart,” said Xavier Willis, junior.

Mike Nisho, junior, started the event off with his poem “Transformers”.

“More emotions made from emoticons, more deceitful than Deceptions” said Nisho.

The choir sang 80’s theme songs from the older cartoons and games to help introduce the piece called “Childhood,” as they debated exactly what part of childhood was the best part.

“No, cartoon shows were the best, there is nothing like watching your favorite show while eating your favorite cereal, No, Playing games were the best, boys against girls, the boys would beat the girls at their game all the time ” said Damilola and Devante.

“Now That It’s Over” by Erin Carkhuff, sophomore, left the crowd speechless after sharing her emotional, yet endearing poem.

“Being that I am a part of the organization  I-SPIT, I was able to sit in the crowd and watch them lift off, this group is very talented. Next semester I’ll be on stage to enlighten the audience too,” said Gennel Burch, senior

The board of I-SPIT promoted the “Lift Off poetry slam” by hosting an event named I-stroke that was held in the Ware Center’s theatre at the week before homecoming.

“Erotic poetry and the event was free. Of course the organization should have expected a big turnout. The aisles of the theater were jam packed with students sitting on them” said Mariah Berry.

“This was the first time I-SPIT has ever done Erotic poetry. We wanted a topic that would spark the interest in our peers. And this was a great way to promote our homecoming show,” said Cecelia B, Vice president of I-SPIT.

The erotic poetry aroused the attention of many Lincoln University’s students, with heated topics about love, sex, body parts, etc the poets kept the audience glued to all of the performances that took stage.

“The event I-stroke makes me excited to see what I-SPIT has in store for the homecoming event. I hope it’s as good as this one” said Latifa Gadson, senior, at the promotional show.

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