Lincoln Students Urged to ‘Hustle Hard’

By Alyson Robinson Reese Blair, president of the National Association of Black Accountants, NABA Philadelphia Chapter, urged Lincoln University students to stay focused during a special presentation held last Thursday in the Ware Center Theatre.

Blair, audit partner at Deloitte’s Investment Management Services group, offered students advice on different measures of obtaining a successful lifestyle, using his life journey as a prime example.

“Don’t make room for mediocrity, if you have a paper to do, do it!” Blair said. “I went to school in the Bahamas near the beach you know how easy it is to just come to school and just sit under a tree.”

Blair offered a number of what can be classified as encouraging remarks, helping to build students confidence. Some among the remarks were, “play the game to change the game,” “do what is necessary so that one can do what is desired,”  and “be sure standout and be well rounded and confident.”

Juniors, Chilima Chola and Maxwell Momba, who are both business majors put on the event to expose Lincoln students to a business professional.

“[Blair] to me, embodies the element of perseverance. His story goes way beyond what many people see on the surface. He came from the Bahamas with two suitcases and a dream,” Chola said.

Chola said he expected that students would be able to relate to Blair’s experiences and learn from his challenges and accomplishments.

“Becoming an African American partner in a firm the magnitude of Deloitte is something that really we felt would inspire students on campus,” Chola said.

The speaker arrived later than scheduled, which led to the downsizing of the crowd.

“Considering the fact that the speaker was called to an unexpected meeting and the program was late by an hour and a half, the turn out was strong,” Chola said.

“ We had 60 students at 5p.m., when the speaker arrived at 6:30, the numbers dropped to about 30. However for the students that stayed behind, the overall feeling afterwards was that it was worth the wait,” Chola said.

Kaleem Compton, a junior, said, “the talk was very inspiring. I seriously felt motivated to do what I have to do now.”

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