Social Fellowships Raise Awarness for Breast Cancer

By Lynn Shirley

Lincoln University social fellowships Swing Phi Swing and Groove Phi Groove hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser and walk, September 24, 2011 in Manuel Rivero Hall.

Due to inclement weather the walk was relocated in doors. Students did not let the talk of rain showers affect their support of the Breast Cancer Walk.

“I figured they would cancel the walk completely but I’m glad they didn’t, this is a good cause to support, more people should have been here,” said senior Brittney Thompson.

A little over two dozen students came out in support of the fundraiser.

Once inside students were directed to circle the main gym floor until they reached 1mile, which equaled about 8 full laps.

Students expressed personal reasons for attending the event and why Breast Cancer Awareness is so important.

“I have a lot of family members and people close to me that suffer with this disease; Breast Cancer is a really sticky situation. It’s really a prominent issue in the black female community, I had to come be apart of this and support them in raising awareness,” said Class of 2013 student Quandalasha Fambro.

The fundraiser lasted nearly four hours as word spread around campus more and more students came in support of the cause.

Supporters even surpassed the 8 lap mark and continued for 10 and 15 laps in support of their friends.

Adriana Fraser, praised the Social Fellowships for making an effort to raise campus awareness of this rising epidemic.

“It’s a national concern; although, it’s a small step for Lincoln it will impact us greatly in the long run. This kind of action from our students is rare,” said Fraser. “It’s good to see LU students are stepping up and doing something proactive for a change.”

Parents and siblings of the organization members as well as Brothers of the Greek Organization Alpha Phi Alpha joined in the festivities.

Though the turnout was not great, the overall outcome surpassed all expectations members of Swing Phi Swing had in mind.

“The main reason were doing this is because we know alot of our campus family have relatives affected by Breast Cancer so we wanted to host this event in efforts of supporting them,” said Jessica Gean, member of Swing Phi Swing. “Though there wasn’t a major turnout this evening, we still made a great impact, which we are really proud of.”


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