Lincoln University Introduces Sisters Attempting Strong Success

By Alston Johnson There are over 50 clubs and organizations on Lincoln University’s campus, if students do not feel that they can comfortable with joining an already established club then they are free to create their own.

 This year, Sisters Attempting Strong Success, a newly established women’s empowerment organization, also known as S.A.S.S, is taking charge to shape the dynamics of the women on Lincoln’s campus.

 S.A.S.S was created by Temprest Middleton,  Brittany Johnson,  Raven Jenkins, Randy Dunston, and Michion Redman who are members of the class of 2013.

 “I observed the campus and noticed that females are held back by themselves and there is a lot of hatred between females, our goal is to unify women and all female organizations on this campus,” said Middleton.

  Striving to end the animosity amongst Lincoln women and unite them S.A.S.S plans to host events such as an annual Chat -N- Chew, Tea Party, and counseling sessions.

 S.A.S.S. promotes the mindset of strong women, originality and  wants to be able to help women in need, prompting Lincoln women to let go of materialistic obsessions and to free themselves from their past troubles.

 “We want to let girls know that it is okay to be yourself, you don’t have to try to be cool just to fit in, people will like you for who you are!” said Middleton

  For more information on  S.A.S.S contact one of the members or stop by the The Women’s Center located in Hansberry Hall.

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