Lincoln Students Volunteer with GAIN

By Cerella Ferebee

 On Saturday September 24th, a group of students visited the Global Aid Network center in Lancaster County Pa. for a day of community service.  

Coordinator Steve Baker said that Global Aid Network, also known as GAIN, is a part of Campus Crusade for Christ International. GAIN, which started off as “Operation Carelift” focuses on sending clothes, medical supplies, food and sewing material abroad.

Rev. Frederick Faison stated that Lincoln University has been selected to serve in President Obama’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge and that GAIN is a part of the effort to give back to the global community.

Baker added that the need for community service is important on college campuses.

            “Lincoln has a need for service projects. This would be a great way to get people off campus and involved in community service,” said Baker.

30 to 35 students worked together on sorting and folding clothes that would later be shipped to Haiti and Africa to several families.

Lincoln freshmen Sunceray Wannamaker volunteered folding women’s winter clothing. 

 “I wanted something to do on a Saturday; and fill up the list of activities on my resume. It’s for a good cause,” Wannamaker said.

Lincoln students sorted over 2,000 pounds of clothing that became prepared for shipment.

Joey Payne, operations manager, said that most of the clothes would be sent to refugee camps and local homeless shelters.

“They {Lincoln students} really did help someone overseas,” Payne said. “A real mom, dad and child, will be really happy they got some clothes.”

GAIN spreads the gospel by creating religious oriented bracelets that are taken to different countries. Some Lincoln students were responsible for making the bracelets.

“It’s important for student’s personal legacy to be advanced; to understand the ways to help beyond the campus and onto the world,” Faison said. “Lincoln’s legacy has always been about helping and we cannot miss honoring our legacy.”

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