Students React to Bowie State Stabbing

ByAlyson Robinson

Classrooms, dormitories, and even dining halls were filled with anecdotes and intense conversation as students expressed disbelief and shock in response to the death of Bowie State University’s student, Dominique Frazier.

 According to several news sources, Frazier, 18, was fatally stabbed in the neck by her roommate after an altercation concerning an iPod which happened to fall on one of the final days of the university’s homecoming festivities.

 Police were said to have found Frazier bleeding in the hallway of a dorm last Thursday. Officials say that Frazier was taken to the hospital later that evening and pronounced dead at 8:44 p.m.

 Students who heard about the incident were quick to share their thoughts.

 “It’s crazy how things could get that bad between roommates,” Freshman Thomas London said.

 “It’s just sad what happened, I think it would be smart to pay attention to who they put students to room with. I still feel safe because nothing has happened at Lincoln of that magnitude and we have a lot of public safety,” said Senior Len’L Russell.

 News sources said that Frazier and her roommate were having issues prior to the incident and that she complained to her mother, Denise Frazier. When mom offered to call the school to request a room change, her daughter discouraged her.

 Resident Advisor of the apartment style living building at Lincoln University, Keenan Joseph, stated that there is prevention methods set in place, in case a similar situation was to happen on Lincoln’s campus.

 Joseph stated that residents are instructed during check in to fill out a roommate contract. This contract stipulates the guidelines of the room, that is, shared items, quiet hours, visitation and so forth. It sets the rules for the room so roommates know what they agreed to in case of a confrontation.

 “We try to mediate the conflict and resolve whatever the issue is,” Joseph said. “Now if it escalates to a bigger problem where physical confrontations happen, then we’ll separate them.”

  Some students believe that the chance of this situation occurring here at Lincoln is unlikely.

  “I feel completely safe on campus because anything can happen anywhere and I think enough procedures are placed in effect for the prevention of this kind of situation,” said Taqua Scoon, Senior.

 “It’s an entirely different campus. There is enough public safety around during homecoming for us to feel safe,” said senior Phillip Tomsic.

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