Board of Trustees Meeting Addresses Campus Concerns

 By Khendall Beale

   This past Saturday, 20 trustee members and a group of over 20 students, alumni, and faculty members packed the state-of-the-art board room in the International Cultural Center, to discuss contemporaneous campus issues. 

  Some among the topics that were discussed at the meeting were middle states accreditation, Langston Hughes Memorial Library, and the budget.

  President Ivory V. Nelson, PhD., explained the different measures that the university has taken to ensure that the standards of assessment are above average for the middle states commissioners. However, regardless of the outcome, accreditation for the university will not be threatened.

  Nelson stated that the final copy of this report “has to be a product of what has come off of the campus.”

       In result, all academic departments have reevaluated class syllabi and strengthened student learning outcomes, in hopes that assessment is better measured, not for the benefit of the university, but most importantly, the students.

       There was more good news to come.

       Students, alumni, faculty members and trustees cheered as Nelson announced that the university has finally received the Certificate of Occupancy for the brand new Langston Hughes Memorial library, with hopes that it will be in full operation toward the end of this month.

        There were several factors of the operational budget that were discussed during the meeting, particularly the 19 percent cuts from earlier this year.

      Trustees and other members of the meeting were concerned of how severe the cuts would be for the students and whether or not the university would be committed in making additional attempts to ask for more funds.

     Nelson did explain that the university has resubmitted a budget request asking for the amount deducted from this year’s budget.

      Despite the current budget issues, Nelson reassured that the university is far from being, “B-R-O-K-E.”

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