Strutting Towards Awareness

By Briana Baldwin

Students gathered in the Student Union Building at 8p.m. on Thursday during the “Walk for Wellness” sponsored by Lincoln University’s Minority Male Health Project.

This year’s event took place in two parts one being an information session on HIV/AIDS awareness and the other a fashion show.

We Are 1 Family fashion models graced the runway in support of heightening awareness for the Philadelphia AIDS Walk that will take place October 16th.                  

Each year the Delaware Valley community and surrounding areas participate in the walk hoping that it will put them one step closer to finding a cure.

Before the show began, members of the Student Government Association took the stage encouraging students to get tested. Throughout a series of giveaways and answering imperative questions about the disease, students learned new facts about the topic at hand.

“The portion about the statistics linked with African Americans was very shocking. I knew that the disease has been rapidly growing among black people but I didn’t know was that 1 out of every 16 African American man had HIV, that’s so scary and too close to home,” said Nikera Lee Junior.

Following the information session, We Are 1 Models adorned in red, black, and silver posed for pictures. Several camera flashes and shouts of encouragement later, the “We Are 1” family closed the runway, which erupted even more applause from the audience.

Upon exiting the event, students expressed their satisfaction with the combination of the fashion show and the information about HIV/AIDS.

“This was a nice turnout, like a two-in-one package. I got to learn something new and I got to see some cute heels!” said Charrise Luten.

However, senior Janee Sanders looked deeper into the show than just the heels.

“I feel fortunate to be involved in such an important event. We’re not just performing down the runway but we’re representing a greater cause tonight,” said Sanders.

Sanders has been a member of the “We Are 1” family since her freshman year and now serves on the board.

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