Media Center Opens Doors for Students

BY Nandi Marshall

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY— The media center is starting off this semester with a bang providing endless opportunities for the students.

The media center, which is guided by media manager Ashley Sims started off in a small closet size room located in Thurgood Marshall Living Learning Center and has now blossomed into a booming state of the arts center located in the Student Union Building.

Sims is very eager to get the ball rolling for this upcoming school term.

“I am really excited for lion media’s focus on skill development,” said Sims. “The media center will be bigger and better with lots of opportunities for our students and new original programming coming in the spring.”

The informational session revealed internship opportunities in the mass media field, seven new original programs and workshops that will assist with skill development for not only students who are pursuing jobs in Mass Communications, but all students at the university who are interested in learning the use of media outlets.

First year student Nicole Webb was elated to hear of the new development in the media center.

“I think it’s very productive and it’s another stepping stone for students who are passionate about mass communications,” said Webb.

Donnielle Kirkland, the general manager for WWLU, believes that the media center provides a sure way to get your foot in the door for jobs in Mass Communications.

“The industry is hard to get into and with all the equipment and help we need at our fingertips, its only right that we take advantage,” said Kirkland.

Training for the radio station kicks off on Monday at 5 p.m. and the workshops follow every Tuesday and Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. These workshops and training sessions are open to anyone interested in developing skills in mass communications arena.

 Students who have been here for years are enthusiastic about the changes made to benefit their education and careers.

“I think the media center has improved tremendously since my freshman year,” said Senior Jakiera White. “I’m so excited to see what they have in store.”

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