Lincoln Convocation Claims New Beginnings For LU Pride

  BY Khendall Beale In the midst of the Lincoln University’s concert choir singing, Hold Fast to Dreams, six Student Government and Association officers elect, dressed in dark blue robes and satin sashes, sat anxiously awaiting, to be inducted as official members of the SGA for the 2011-2012 academic year.

     The All University Convocation, held last Thursday at 4p.m. in the International Cultural Center, is an annual tradition of Lincoln, that formally welcomes new students, faculty members and the new officers of SGA.

   Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, John Chikwem, Ph.D. gave a welcome to the students. Miss. Lincoln University, 2011-2012, Nava Goodman followed afterwards with a speech.  

     Goodman gave encouraging remarks. “Empty yourself every day, and die empty,” she said.

    Thursday’s convocation was particularly special, being among one of the last presidential addresses of current President, Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D. Nelson will be retiring at the end of the semester.

  During the address, Nelson touched on some of the issues that the university is facing today, along the lines of budget cuts and the increase of student tuition.

   Nelson explained that just as history has shown, Lincoln’s circumstances are easy to overcome and triumphs are easily obtainable.

     “Our community is the home of innovation and extraordinary freedom,” Nelson said.

      Following Nelson’s address, came the momentum that had everyone at the edges of their seats.

            Family and friends cheered as Tokunbo Ashorobi, President, DeWayne Walker, Vice President of Internal Affairs, Regan Farley, Vice President of External Affairs, Mackyna Barnes, Treasurer, Brittany McCarthy, Secretary, and Brandon Harris, President Pro-Temp, became inducted as the official leaders of the student body.

          Ashorobi delivered the SGA student agenda for the school year. Themes focused on included, students placing academics as first priority, installation of student pride back on campus, and lastly to promote the “Go Green” campaign, which will calls for students to recycle and to assist SGA in keeping campus clean.

      Ashorobi said that the goals for SGA this year were much needed and easily attainable for all students.  “The Student Government Association created an agenda that was essential to the upbringing or campus life and the encouragement of leaders whom have pride in their university,” she said.

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