Lincoln University Closes Dorms Due To Low Enrollment

 BY Michelle Fetcher

Male dormitories Houston and Amos are vacant and Residence Life says it’s simply due to low enrollment.Amos, Frederick Douglass, Houston, McCrary, and Rendall have normally been the potential housing assignments for male students who want to live in all male dorms.

With the number of incoming students capping at a little over 500, Lincoln University didn’t receive the amount of students they were hoping for.

Houston, a three-story 44-bed upper-class male residence hall and Amos, a 16-bed upper-class male dorm were closed due to high operational costs.

 The office of Residence Life reports that at the beginning of the semester there were enough vacancies in the other male dorms to eliminate Houston and Amos as housing options.

But with only 202 new male students on campus, Frederick Douglass, McCrary, Rendall and the Living Learning Center’s north side became their only dormitory options. 

 According to university averages, the typical number of incoming students is 600. When the admissions office doesn’t meet this quota, student housing increases and the use for extra dormitories aren’t needed.

“I was really excited about living in Houston,” said Patrick Sanders, a junior who now lives in Rendall.  “One of my friends who graduated lived there my freshman year and I wanted his same room.  It was like a penthouse.”

But Sanders along with other students weren’t the only students disappointed by the closing of Houston.
Former student Kashka Turner was also let down by the news.  “I used to live in Houston on the fourth floor,” said Turner.  “I transferred out of Lincoln but my buddies still lived there.  I was looking forward to coming back around homecoming.”

Although Houston and Amos will not be open this semester, it is not a complete loss to the university.  After losing a substantial amount of state funding, operational costs from the two buildings will only allow more funding for other needed campus projects.

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