Irene Causes Postponment, Disappoints Students

BY Lynn Shirley

Students are disappointed in what could have been a monumental event for the fall semester at Lincoln University.

Geared up for the fall semester Lincoln University students received word that the HBCU would be hosting a trip for students to attend the unveiling of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Statue in Washington DC.

Due to frantic scares of Hurricane Irene and the high risk of public safety, the statue dedication ceremony was postponed.

Though the MLK memorial is scheduled to open Friday and Saturday, August 26-27. Weather permitting, the official dedication ceremony will be scheduled for a later date in September or October.

A number of students expressed just how disappointed they were in the postponed event. “It’s upsetting, I was really excited about it” said Brittney Thompson, a graduating senior. “Lincoln is pretty good with keeping us informed about stuff, and this like the turn out for the inauguration would have been huge” she continued.

Overwhelmed SGA representatives were bombarded by students with questions as to when the event would be rescheduled.

“We are in the works of finding out the new date of the dedication. Students just have to be patient, and as soon as we know, you all will know” said SGA representative Brittney McCarthy.

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