Huricane Irene

BY Nandi Marshall

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY–In the aftermath of hurricane Irene, which tour through cities this past weekend, millions are left without electricity and shelter.

The tropical storm that had winds of a little over 50 mph rapidly spread throughout the East Coast and up the shoreline.  Hurricane Irene started in the Carolinas and caused damage all the way up through Massachusetts snapping power lines and flooding streets.

“It was a scary feeling. I didn’t know what to expect and I was not sure if I was prepared,” said Junior Calistra Daniel.

The nation’s death toll from Irene is at 27 people, a much lower number than the 1836 people who lost their lives during hurricane Katrina, which took place exactly 5 years ago on the 28th of this month.

“What a coincidence that Hurricane Irene occurred 5 years later around the same time as Katrina,” said Senior Britney Johnson. “I’m just grateful that the damage wasn’t as severe and a lot less people lost their lives.”

Government officials of cities affected by the hurricane have appointed flood squads and damage restoration services to quickly get the cities back to their usual conditions.

“I am just glad that it is all over. I am happy to see cities taking precaution and doing all they can to bring them back to good standing” said Junior Morgan Green.

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